Student career interest inventory

The interest profiler presents statements of tasks. For each statement, you are given the option to say whether you might like doing the task, dislike it, or don't know whether you'd like or dislike it.

Click on the button that best describes how you feel about the statement. Based on your answers, the system will recommend some careers you might find rewarding.

The recommendations are based on surveys and personality traits of people who work in those occupations.

To get there, first log in with the link you were given. In most cases, you'll be using the user name and password you normally use to log in to the school's computers, but in some cases, you may have been given a username and password specifically for this task.

Once you are logged in, click the Careers link on the menu under your name.

The screen will look something like this:


You can always get back to that screen by clicking the "Careers" link on the menu.


1: Taking the profiler 

You need to complete the profiler in one sitting. It will save your results, but only when you have answered the last question.

To get started, click the Start button. When you do, the system will present a series of tasks that you will rate. One example looks like:

Click "Like" if you think you might like to do that, "Dislike" if you know you wouldn't, and "Don't Know" if you're not sure.

The time it takes to complete will depend on the number of questions your school has configured, but plan on about 30 seconds per question. So, if they configured 54 questions, you might expect the questions to last up to 27 minutes. 

Go through all of the questions, and it will score your interests based on personality research that's been done.  It will look something like this, but your interests are likely to be different:


To see careers that are related to those interests, click the "Browse Careers" button.


2: Browsing Careers

After you click the Browse Careers button, you'll be asked about "Job Zones." Job Zones are groups of occupations that are similar in the amount of experience, education, and training needed to get into the field. It looks something like this:



You can scroll down to see "Some preparation needed" all the way up to "Extensive preparation needed."

Click on the "View Careers" and you'll be presented with a list of matching career names and descriptions:


Browse through them and when you find one that sounds interesting to you, click on "See Details", and the system will show you some more detail about it:



Click on the "Save Occupation" button to save this occupation to your profile.


3: Select a Program of Study

On the occupation page you will see under "Related Programs in ..." your school district, it will list some pathways your district offers that are somewhat related to this occupation (by virtue of being in the same career cluster).


Click one of them and it will show you the courses you should take to complete that program:


And you can indicate your preference by clicking the link that says "Indicate my preference for ...". When you do that, it will be saved to your profile so you can see it later, and so a counselor can see if when you're planning your courses later.

4: Saved Occupations

You can save occupations that sound interesting to you, so you can come back to them later. From your careers page, under My Saved Occupations, you'll see a list of all the occupations you've saved. Click on the name of one to go back and see it's details. If you later decide you don't want to keep that one on your list, simply click the [x] next to it, and it will be removed.


5: Profiler Results

Each time you use the interest profiler it will save your results, so later you can go back and see which occupations were related to the results you got.

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